Sunday, 3 November 2013

Christmas Wallpaper 2013

It’s that duration of time again, where each shop attempts to acquire your complete concentration through their skylight display. Top designer department shops online as well as offline have positively pulled out all the stops this year. The boutique1 Christmas windows will be unveiled soon with an exciting theme for shoppers.

The concert is exiting for shoppers. The prediction is right it will be a Disney Princess theme on a display. Some of the biggest names in fashion have contributed their versions of the iconic fairytale damsels in their dresses, from Versace to Missoni, to DVF to Elie Saab.

Elie Saab a Lebanese luxury designer based in Paris updated his spring/summer 2013 accumulation up along the Paris brand Week runway these days allotting aged contours and beaming, tonal accoutering. The shades have been beaming on Elie Saab’s catwalk and additionally the exclusively luxurious handbags collections collection was developed to match in a tonal, early 1990’s fashion. The mixture of early 1990’s tonal dressing and 1970’s silhouettes produced a contemporary twist for the classical vibe with the all round collection.

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